Architectural Structure

Flipped Workplace

Insights on how to flip your mindset, your job, and your company.


5 Things The Future of Work Is Not

HR veterans from IBM, Visa, and Disney shares insights on what the workplace will look like in a post-COVID world.

Silicon Republic

Will 2021 be the year of alternative benefits and compensation?

Covid-19 and remote working have been a catalyst for alternative benefits.

Future Work/Life

Opportunities (and challenges) of the 'flipped workplace'

A flipped workplace is better for both employers and employees because it optimizes for productivity, not presence.


Venture Capital At A Crossroads: Change Or Be Forgotten

If the industry doesn’t tread carefully, its short-term gains could pave the way to long-term self-destruction.

The EdTech Podcast

Podcast: Investor Special - The Future of Work Experiment

"If you really want to change how people work in the long run, you need to change their incentives."


A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Permanently Flipped Workplace

The biggest challenge is creating a playbook that addresses a universal need for clarity while also preserving agility in the face of constantly changing circumstances.


Investing in the “Future of Work”

The What, Why, and How of Technology’s Transformation of the Workplace


The “future of work” becomes “work”

Technology is transforming work into a digital, distributed, and data-driven reality.


How the Flipped Classroom Model Can Reset the Workplace

The future of work depends on universally embracing the flipped workspace


Now is the time to implement the flipped workplace at scale

The same breakthrough that revolutionized the classroom should also be applied to the office

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