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Allison Baum Gates is obsessed with

the future of work.

Allison has spent her entire career at the intersection of finance, technology, and the future of work.


As a General Partner at early stage venture capital fund SemperVirens, Allison invests in technology transforming workforce, healthcare and financial services. The fund is backed by a powerful platform of HR leaders, giving Allison unique insights into the needs and perspectives of industry-leading employers. She is also a contributing writer for Forbes, a guest lecturer at Columbia Business School and UC Berkeley-Haas, and the author of Breaking into Venture (McGraw-Hill, 2023).


Prior to joining SemperVirens, Allison worked on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs; was an early employee at General Assembly (which sold to Adecco for $413mln in 2018); co-founded Fresco Capital, a global seed fund; and was an investor at Trinity Ventures.  


Currently based in New York, Allison has lived and worked in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. She holds a B.A. in Economics with Honors, a minor in Film Studies, and a language citation in French from Harvard University.

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