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Breaking into Venture

"A must-read for anyone seeking an adventure in venture capital."

— Hayagreeva Rao, Atholl McBean Professor of Organizational Behavior, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of “Scaling Up Excellence”

“I never understood the full meaning of "venture capital" until reading Allison's honest account of what it takes to identify and invest in transformative businesses long before they become household names. Whether you're trying to build a new company or put your own capital to better use, this book contains countless pillars of professional wisdom.”

Michael Koenigs, Executive Producer at Disney-ABC & host of ABC’s More in Common

On a Mission to Democratize the Industry

Allison Baum Gates explains how anyone—regardless of age, sex, race, socioeconomic status, or education level—can break into and succeed in venture capital. With humility, humor, and refreshing candor, she shares her own jaw-dropping stories of mistakes made and hard-lessons learned. Peppered throughout are personal interviews with other successful investors from unexpected backgrounds, providing a brutally honest take on how VC actually works and why.

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Unlock Your Potential
in Venture Capital:
  • Figure out where to invest your time

  • Build a valuable network 

  • Determine which types of investments to target 

  • Understand why successful companies are not always the same as successful investments 

  • Learn what financial incentives are really driving VC firms

  • Make smart investment decisions 

  • Embrace the power and benefits of being different

  • Stay motivated in turbulent markets 


In her interview with ABC Localish, Allison discusses her experiences and Breaking Into Venture. Localish is an ABC platform that highlights real stories about individuals and organizations making a positive impact in cities across America.

Breaking into Venture Covers Every Angle

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